Event at Trondheim torg

May 19th, 2007

0518_trondheimtorg.jpgAt about 14:00 we gathered at Trondheim Torg. A large group of people came there because of two things. The Obiora case and the Asylum march.

The event at Trondheim torg was started with an appeal by Zahir Athari. The Afghans who are taking part in the march then read some of the song “Til ungdommen” [“To the youth”], by Nordahl Grieg. Linn Brodal from Socialistic Youth in Trondheim had an appeal where she said this was about the fundamental right to live. Brodal said it was in people’s nature to help other people, and that Norway should not send back people to war.

Further, the pilgrimage priest Rolf Synnes had an appeal. He said that he had seen a news report early the same day. It was about Afghanistan. It was not about negotiations. It was not about peace initiative. It was about encounters and bombs. He said that there was a disagreement in Norway wheter or not it is safe in Afghanistan. Afghans fled from an unsafe country. “Now Norwegian government want to send persons back. This case is about humanity. We can not was our hands and say we are not guilty of their blood.”

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